Cuselleration | Why You Should Take The Leap To Posting Video Content On Social
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Why You Should Take The Leap To Posting Video Content On Social

Why You Should Take The Leap To Posting Video Content On Social

By: Sophia Kiefer (Social Media Manager)

Video content has become increasingly more popular on social media platforms. This first started with the introduction of Vine back in 2013 and has again gained popularity since the TikTok boom of early 2020. 

So, what are the benefits of video content on social media? Why should you be posting this type of content over still graphics? Should you stop posting still graphics altogether? In this post, we will be answering these questions and more!

To start, it is important to distinguish between both video content and still graphic content. Each has their own benefits and can be equally as effective, but a lot of this success rate depends on your audience. 

Video content has proven to be most effective with a younger audience with shorter attention spans. This type of content has also been shown to increase conversion rates because it is more interactive.

Graphic content is a useful tool depending on the form it takes. Posts such as memes are best produced in the form of graphic content, vs. video. Using a graphic can also be useful when it comes to an event announcement or something that is simple and straightforward

In most instances, though, a post can be distributed through either method. That being said, what are the benefits of choosing video content over graphic content? 

  • Video content increases social media engagement (likes, comments, shares) 
  • Video content tells a story 
  • Search engines LOVE video content
  • Videos create a higher ROI

Now that you know a few of the benefits of video content on social media, here are some video-creation tips to help your video content STAND OUT!

  • Use captions in EVERY video you put out. This helps bridge any communication gaps as well as allows a viewer to watch the video without sound, if necessary. 
  • Make your videos between 15 seconds-1 minute. You must adapt to the short attention span of today‚Äôs humans!
  • Use interactive elements (such as polls, GIFs, etc.) when possible to increase the engagement factor on your videos.

Additional questions? Reach out to our team! 

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