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Cuselleration is an award-winning Website Design and Internet Marketing Services firm specializing in growth, automation, content, and lead generation consulting. Services include website design, SEO, PPC, social media, lead funnels, videography, and photography.
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How We Help this Industry

Healthcare is a complicated industry with many barriers to entry for buyers. At Cusell, we understand the unique challenges associated with the buying decision, and we know how to navigate both compliance needs and the necessity of knowing how to speak your specific company language.

At Cusell, we have developed healthcare marketing solutions for each facet of the industry.

“Meta Dynamic is a company that provides spine and neuro technology to create imagery for brain surgeries. We are a service based company selling our products to hospitals. We were looking to increase relationships and conversations with decision-makers in hospitals—directors of nursing, material supply managers, hospital administrators, etc. We contracted with Cuselleration to implement a B2B sales strategy through LinkedIn that generated conversations in markets we were looking to grow. We have been able to see an over 300% increase in meetings and opportunities that have come from this B2B strategy.

In addition, we needed to create dynamic website that showcased our service and value proposition. We leveraged Cuselleration design team to create a website that is easily navigable, mobile friendly, and creates a “Wow” experience for administrators that are looking to learn more about our business. We have seen almost 200% increase in Organic traffic since Cuselleration launched the website.”

– Evan Pfielder, Meta Dynamic

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