Cuselleration | Social Media: The Dark Horse of 21st Century Marketing
Social media is a fantastic marketing tool, and many people don't realize just how many advantages it has. Social media is becoming one of the most effective strategies while also remaining the cheapest marketing today!
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Social Media: The Dark Horse of 21st Century Marketing

Social Media: The Dark Horse of 21st Century Marketing

Social Media: The Dark Horses of 21st Century Marketing

Social media and the use of bogging are two relatively new but entirely essential marketing tools for growing businesses in 2016.  Social media marketing usually consists of sharing content- blogs, pictures, videos, polls- anything to interact with your consumers and promote your company simultaneously. If you’re looking to expand your customer reach and relevance, while receiving constant and instantaneous consumer feedback, social media marketing with help from CuSelleration will vastly improve your presence in the social sphere of consumers and your overall business’ success. If you are on the fence as to why this form of marketing is taking the world by storm, CuSelleration has come up with 3 reasons to go social that we absolutely swear by.

  1. People Will Not Only Know Your Brand- But Stay Loyal To It

One thing about social media marketing that will always ring true is that it creates a new channel to advertise and promote your business. Who would want to miss out on that? Keeping a consistent presence in every channel of marketing is essential to staying relevant. Ask yourself: where are the consumers? Studies show Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ are the top growing platforms to boost consumer awareness of your business, and that is because they have millions of users logging in every day. Another study published by Convince&Convert found that 53% of Americans who follow brands in social media platforms are more loyal to those brands. Why? A social media presence humanizes your company- gives it a face (profile picture) and a channel to connect with their target markets or unknowing people stumbling upon their Facebook page. For example, Burger King boasts a whopping 1.43 million followers on Twitter as of October 2016, and it’s most likely not because that many people are needing constant updates on 99 cent burgers. Rather than tweeting promotional deals or their latest commercials, Burger King also tweets entertaining content on pop culture that consumers will find funny and relatable. This solidarity outreach is effective because it sparks interest to follow Burger King on Twitter, see their energetic posts and promotional deals, and maybe consider eating there instead of eating at McDonalds. Consumer conversion is the goal.

  1. Drive Consumers to Your Company’s Website

According to Hubspot, 92% of marketers in 2014 claimed that social media marketing was important for their business, with 80% observing that this action increased traffic to their websites. For example, consistent production of content in the channel of blogging adds another index on your website page, therefore provides more opportunities for content on your business to show up in search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a service that is essential to our marketing technique at CuSelleration, and assures search engines like Google that your business is actively surfacing information and communication to your potential customers. We know all the tips and tricks to convert your initial website traffic into leads for potential business.

  1. Stay up to date with technology and consumer preferences.

An automatic benefit that comes with your company producing a blog and having a Facebook or Twitter is that your consumers are aware that you are up to date on the latest technology. Social media marketing not only gives your business another platform to share information with your consumers but it simultaneously erases any fear that your business is outdated. Connecting with your consumers on a weekly basis is essential to fully understand from their perspective how your services are being perceived personally and in the social world. Twitter and Facebook provide a platform to ask questions and chat instantaneously with customers, and blogging gives you a chance to promote active discussion and learn what your viewers want to know, what they dislike, and what they want to see more of in the comments section. Social media marketing ensures consistent communication with the lifeline of your company- after all consumer loyalty is imperative for a healthy, long living business.

CuSelleration’s hand-picked social media management professionals are experts on increasing your presence in the most effective way. Always updated, aware, and analyzing new marketing trends, CuSelleration understands the importance of connectivity and has mastered the craft in social media outreach.

To Give You An Example (or two):

  • We manage Facebook and Twitter accounts that update your clients monthly, weekly, or daily on your blog posts, promotions, new products or new services. In doing this, we examine your target markets and create an initial goal, strategy and tactic to accomplish your marketing goals, all while creating appealing and engaging content that will keep your readers alert.
  • We offer Google+ services that connect people who are interested in certain services with the businesses that provide them. Google+ is a social media platform synced to Google that assigns circles that are arranged by interests (real estate, restaurants, self-help blogs, sports, ect.) and help create the bridge that brings a potential customer to a company or service that provides what they’re looking for. CuSelleration makes sure your business is always relevant within the conversation.





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