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You may have noticed something different if you found time to log in to LinkedIn this year. Learn the site's new features here!
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7 New LinkedIn Features You May Have Missed Last Year

7 New LinkedIn Features You May Have Missed Last Year

You may have noticed something different if you found time to log in to LinkedIn this year. In fact, everything seemed different as LinkedIn redesigned its desktop website completely. They have added new features to its site such as smart replies and native videos.

The website currently has over 530 million members and the list keeps growing. This is a significant increase by over 60 million members as of the third quarter of 2016.There is, however, more to this slick new interface that meets the eye. Since Microsoft acquired it in 2016, the website has been determined to ensure it creates more value for its millions of members, and hopefully make these members feel like spending more time on the website. LinkedIn has undergone its redesign and how users and marketers need to be at the forefront of the site in 2018.

1. A new homepage
With a combination of new algorithms and human editors, the site has managed to show fewer status updates and surface more relevant content. You should expect the homepage feed to suggest more of sponsored, native, and organic advertising content that its members may be interested in reading. The “work” button on the right side of your profile picture is just one of the clear additional features of this new homepage feed. With the “work” button, members of the site can now easily find and attract talent, equip learning solutions to employees, and easily advertise the content right from LinkedIn.

2. More analytics
The site now provides its users with more analytics about how other members of the site relate to the different content that other users share. With this change, it does not just work on the basis of who likes your web post or who gets to view your profile. You can view so much more such has where the person viewing your profile comes from, where they got your content, etc.

3. New blogging interface
The site now also has a glossy new publishing platform. With the new blogging interface feature, you are just one click away from an easy-to-use new blog publishing platform that could help you garner more views to your brand’s website.

4. Chat-like messaging
Users can now send InMail chats instead of using an email. You do not even need to navigate to a different panel if you want to send a private message. You can do all of this on the site’s homepage feed.

5. New (and missing) search features
The website also polished its searching capabilities. Users can now search the whole site with a single unified search interface by keying in certain keywords. Users no longer have to navigate through the different categories of the website to do their searches.

6. Native videos
In the past, you could only embed your videos to the website through YouTube and other third-party websites. You are now free to upload native videos straight to the site using the LinkedIn mobile application on your phone.

7. Trending topics
The new home page feed also helps LinkedIn users in following any trending stories. The site has modeled a news feed that is almost similar to that of Facebook.

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