Cuselleration | Why Every Business Should be Marketing Digitally
Digital marketing is the way of the future and is even becoming more popular than printed marketing. No matter what the business is, everyone should be marketing digitally.
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Why Every Business Should be Marketing Digitally

Why Every Business Should be Marketing Digitally

Digital marketing is one of the best tools any business can use, and here’s the kicker- it’s mostly free! Many businesses go wrong by thinking social media and online marketing isn’t for them, but in reality, EVERY business can benefit from being online in some way. Of course entertainment, fashion and online companies are most known for having a strong online presence, however brick and mortar locations as well as individual businesses can absolutely gain a large online presence as well. Digital marketing in this day in age can attract more customers and business than paper advertising. Digital marketing can be taken one step further, and businesses can invest in paid online advertising. Many companies do not have the kind of time to focus on building and designing their digital marketing, so that’s where cuSELLeration steps in! We offer many services to help grow your business and audience online. Here are a few steps to get you started in digital marketing.

1. Websites are Most Important

Regardless of the business, having a website is incredibly beneficial for growth. A website gives potential customers more to read, and ensures that your company/restaurant/business is quality and trustworthy. A visually pleasing and easy-to-navigate website is even better! CuSELLeration offers custom web design to make sure that your website is one-of-a-kind and the absolute best it can be. Websites can include what services your business offers, menus, contact information, testimonials and even a blog.

2. Contact Info

Even if your company doesn’t have a website or social media, you still might be online!  Location information and reviews are posted on forums like Google and Yelp constantly. It is always important to check on these sites to not only ensure that your address and contact information is up-to-date, but also that customers and users are saying positive things about your business! 69% of web users will look for reviews of products, restaurants, hotels, attractions, and other services before deciding to purchase or not. CuSELLeration can help promote the good reviews and check that your contact number and address is current on forums across the web.

3. Social Media

The “big three” of social media are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Businesses should theoretically be on all three. Facebook usually comes first, because it is one of the easiest and most wide-spread platforms. Users on Facebook are anywhere from 14 to 64. Facebook offers a business page tool where you can post content, photos, contacts, and give descriptions about the company. Creating the page is not what is time consuming, but rather continuously creating content for the page. It’s a great place for realtors to post listings, maintenance companies to post articles relating to their business, and restaurants to post specials. Twitter comes next because it is useful platform to build a fan base. Twitter allows companies to create a personality through witty comments, tweets or articles. The most successful Twitter accounts for a business are those that mix business posts with funny and casual posts. Finally Instagram….This platform can be tricky for some businesses, because it may not be as easy to post photos. Instagram for restaurants is easy and simple. However businesses that don’t typically rely on photos, have to come up with a clever way to create content. Instagram is also a great way to give a face to your company.

4. Paid Advertising

If your business is new to digital marketing, paid advertising might be a last resource, but a very valuable one at that. Google AdWords and PPC (pay per clicks) are great tools to ensure that your business pages are being clicked on and read. CuSELLeration offers services to not only help navigate you through the process, but also utilize these advertising tools to the best of their ability. Google AdWords can help your business website show up as the top result when a user is searching for something related to your products or services. This can drive traffic to your site by a large margin.

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