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The Benefits of Tik Tok Ads

The Benefits of Tik Tok Ads

By: Maubreen Hern`andez (Ads Manager)

Tik Tok is not only an app for lip-syncing and dance challenge videos, it’s actually an amazing platform for digital marketing — if you know how to use it strategically. 

If you’re in the marketing game as a business person, entrepreneur or content creator, you cannot ignore the power of Tik Tok Ads.  

Here are some benefits of Tik Tok marketing for your brand

  • Exposure Potential

Unlike other social media platforms, Tik Tok appears to attract an active and engaged audience on a global scale. There are more than 1 billion users on Tik Tok, and it is available in 150 countries and 75 different languages. If you use this information strategically, you can reach millions of people in just a short amount of time.

  • Budget Friendly 

Using Tik Tok doesn’t require an expensive camera or a large budget. It’s actually more likely that your video will thrive if it is authentic and less polished. In terms of ad sets, Tik Tok offers flexible budgets starting at $10 per 1000. This makes marketing on Tik Tok accessible and increases its popularity as a marketing channel.

  • Increased Engagement 

Tik Tok offers a wide range of ad Formats to choose from, according to your specific objectives. Recent data has found Tik Tok to have higher engagement rates then other social platforms, having an average of 17.96% engagement compared to Instagram’s 3.86%. In fact, in 2021, Tik Tok beat out Google and Facebook as the most visited website on the Internet.

Final Thoughts 

Tik Tok is only getting more and more popular and is offering marketers an opportunity to reach new audiences across the globe and increase their brand exposure. We encourage you to learn about Tik Tok marketing and how it could elevate your marketing strategy. 

At Cusell, we offer Tik Tok ad packages with the best strategies that’ll give you the best results — contact our team today to learn more!

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