Cuselleration | The Benefits of Retargeting
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The Benefits of Retargeting

The Benefits of Retargeting

By: Cris Cusac (CFO)

If you have been on the internet in the last 10 years, you have seen advertisements. Most websites have ads on them. These ads are decided by the webmaster in 1 of 2 ways. The webmaster will place the ads on the site themselves or have a 3rd party populate ads on the site. These 3rd party ad companies can add advertisements that they want to push or they can target you based on the cookies on your computer.

If your first thought is terrified because they are following you…give me one second to let you know why these ads shouldn’t scare you.

These ads are simply following you around the internet to remind you that you may want to reconsider a service or product. They can also inform you of an updated product or service of a company you already trust. Some ads have specific links that offer discounts or free add-ons. And since they are from websites you have already been to, there is little risk.

The information being captured by these ads is very impersonal. It is the IP address from your computer that is being recognized by the website you visit. It is information that is already given when visiting a website. There are ways to block this but then you will be shown ads at random and the site can feel a little less personal if you do not like the advertisement shown.

At Cuselleration, we make ads that are appealing and relevant. We have a high click through rate and even refresh ads to avoid your viewers experiencing ad blindness. Retargeting ads are a great tool to add to your marketing strategy. For professionals looking to get “touches” this is a great passive way to be seen. If you have something new to show your existing customers, this is a great way for them to find it at a convenient time when they are already on the computer. We have over 10 years experience getting these ads out in the marketplace. Give us a call or an email to learn more!

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