Cuselleration | Our Mission + Values – A Breakdown
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Our Mission + Values – A Breakdown

Our Mission + Values – A Breakdown

By: Cris Cusac (CFO)

Cusell Marketing’s mission statement has been tweaked and analyzed many times over our 10-year history. In its current form it reads, “We create a seamless process that drives results for our clients, fulfills our employees, and positively impacts people. We build marketing strategies that grow brands, nurture leads, and convert more business. By using cutting-edge strategies in social and content marketing, automation, and lead gen, we confidently develop our clients’ businesses.” We arrived on this statement because it covers our dedication to our clients, dedication to our employees, and it showcases our expertise in marketing.

Since day one, we have been working for our clients’ best interests. We know that online marketing is an important tool for any business. We have never been the cheapest company for any project, but we are never the most expensive. Our competitors love to upsell and overcharge for products that are unnecessary. We make sure that we are charging a fair rate for our products and that we stay competitive with smaller agencies. Our quality will always be number one and that is why we can never be the cheapest company, but we can be the best.

As soon as we started hiring, it was paramount that we take care of our employees. We started health care in our second year when profits had just started coming in. Our company is 10 years old this August and our 401(k) is already 8 years old. We have worked on increasing salaries and pay every year since inception. Our need to be the best stems from our people and we want to make sure they have the best.

As our tagline suggests, we offer “intelligent marketing solutions”. Since the early stages of Facebook ads, Google ads, and retargeting. Not to say these were not already a thing, but they weren’t great. Agencies like ours have worked with ad platforms that underperformed and overcharged to bring our clients’ names to the top of mind. We now have better and more responsive tools to use with Facebook and Google. Our struggles have helped us understand the landscape of advertising better and our clients get the benefit of that. We watch Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, etc. in our free time to see the latest trends and meet with companies to try out the latest products. 

We are dedicated to making sure our clients get the best possible bang for their buck.

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