Cuselleration | How to Respond to Negativity on Social Media
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How to Respond to Negativity on Social Media

How to Respond to Negativity on Social Media

By: Sophia Kiefer (Social Media Manager)

Negativity is a part of the world around us, as much as it can be frustrating and overwhelming to see. It is important, especially online and on social media, to try and tune out negative content as much as possible. Although in certain cases, it can be difficult to ignore. There are a few different types of negative comments you may encounter online. These can include:

  • Spam comments
  • Customer complaints
  • Threatening or harassing messages
  • Internet “Trolls”

When you go about responding to negative posts or comments on social media, you must do so with the utmost professionalism and respect. This is extra important if you are replying as the face of a businesses’ account. In this post, we are going to share with you a few tips on how you can best respond to any negativity you receive on social media.

  • Don’t immediately delete the negative comment – When dealing with negativity online, this is likely the most important item to remember. Even though a negative comment may get under your skin, you do not want to simply delete it without at first seeing if there is a way to respond and address the concern. There are extreme cases where it is reasonable to delete a comment, such as if it uses offensive or derogatory language.
  • Respond to negative comments as soon as possible – Instead of letting negative comments linger, make a point to reply to them as soon as you are able. This can help you to settle any conflict quicker and avoid more of your followers seeing negative content on your page. It will also show the commenter that you see them and that you are listening to any concerns they may have.
  • Take more lengthy concerns to the DM – While it is important to address public questions or concerns on a public forum, sometimes you may encounter a situation where the commenter is a little more persistent. In this type of situation, it is better to continue the conversation in a more private setting, such as a direct message. 
  • Stay positive – It can be difficult to stay positive when replying to a negative message, especially when it is attacking you or your business directly. Even so, it is so important to remain the bigger person even amidst negativity. Try and respond thoughtfully to every comment on your page and focus on how you can help the customer have a more positive experience going forward. 
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