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You may not be able to do everything you would like to grow your business. Here are a few low cost marketing methods that are generating big results.
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Big Bang for Your Marketing Bucks

digital marketing strategies

Big Bang for Your Marketing Bucks

When it comes to small businesses (and smaller budgets), you may not be able to do everything you would like to grow your business. But there is nothing to stop you from learning from the online marketing success of bigger brands. Here are a few low cost marketing methods that are generating big results.



  1. Use Content Marketing


What it is:

Most prospective customers begin the decision-making process via search engine, gathering information about possible solutions before they are even remotely ready to make a purchase.  Content marketing incorporates a strategy for capturing customers where they are (search engines) by providing valuable information and specific solutions online. The goal of content marketing is to build a relationship with the customer so that your business comes to mind as a trusted resource. If you find customers by providing relevant web content, they will find you when it’s time to make the purchase. The result? You will generate more, better qualified leads.


Example: Glossier skincare and beauty products uses content marketing through their blog, Into the Gloss, one of the main marketing moves that has helped them to post over 500% growth in their customer base year over year for both 2015 and 2016.


How to get started: Think about what types of questions or concerns your typical customers would be asking and create a blog that answers the question. See our post on blogging tips for more ideas about blogging successfully.


  1. Incorporate the Use of Video 

Here are a few fun video facts for you:

  • By 2019, video will represent more than 80% of all web traffic (
  • Social media users are 10 times more likely to interact (comment, share, etc.) with videos than any other kinds of posts (Content Marketing Institute).
  • Companies that use video within their content marketing mix have a 66% higher website conversion rate on average (Aberdeen Group).
  • Forbes cites that viewers retain 95% of information they watch in a video versus 10% of information they read.

Need I say more? If face to face interaction is the most effective form of communication, video is the next best digital proxy.


Example: Carpool Karaoke videos published by the Late Late Show have generated over 172M views for 1 video (with Adele) on YouTube; not to mention at least 11 other videos that have all generated more than 10M views.

How to get started: Many smartphones take great quality videos and photos. Facebook Live offers an easy way to live stream your video content online. Posting through YouTube and other video sites is generally free. With a little advance planning (poorly executed videos can damage the brand), you can boost awareness, engagement, and revenue. Hey, it’s worth a try. (Here’s a quick tip – include an accurate transcript of your video to aid search engines in finding your video.)


  1. Work Smarter with Personalization

What it means:

Use people’s names if you have it available (this functionality should be readily available through most email service providers), but also tailor your content to specific customer segments. You can actually harm your relationship with customers (think about email unsubscribes) when you send messages to the wrong audience. One size fits all marketing is old hat; customers expect to have personalized experiences nowadays. Since certain content may not be relevant to specific groups within your customer base, split them into groups and talk to them differently.  


Example: A pet shop targeting messages to cat owners versus dog owners. Adweek highlighted STA Travel, a youth-focused travel company, for creating a survey (people viewed it as a fun quiz to test what type of traveler they were). They then used the data they had collected to send targeted messages to prospects based on traveler ‘personality’.


How to get started: Gather up what data you already have on existing customers and begin to generate ‘personas’ – a description of a hypothetical member of each customer group, focusing on their needs and their decision-making process. If you haven’t been tracking much information about your customers, look for ways to get more info – online surveys are cheap and easy, Google Analytics provides detailed online tracking, and any good email provider will provide comprehensive data as well. Target Marketing gives some great ideas on how to think differently about your potential customer base. You can then begin to identify channels (email, website, social media, etc) and generate messages that would be appropriate for each persona. Keep tweaking and track your success. Segmentation will help you work smarter (and often cheaper).


Except for a well-placed investment of time, there is little cost (and a lot of benefit) in using content marketing, video or personalization strategies. So, go forth and get more bang for your marketing bucks!


Need a little jump start with any of these online marketing approaches? Feel free to reach out to Cuselleration. It’s our passion to help small businesses make their marketing efforts more effective.

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