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You can use some methods to boost your customer representatives and customer support manager's services to improve your client experience. Read more here!
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3 Ways Marketing Content Can Support Your Sales/Customer Service Team

3 Ways Marketing Content Can Support Your Sales/Customer Service Team

There is always this common phrase that sales or customer service representatives always use whenever they want to reference some information required by the customer; “Please hold, let me just confirm the solution for you.”

As a customer service representative of a company, there are times when you may end up with a question that you need to reference to find and give the solution to a customer waiting on the other end of your call. It is virtually impossible for you always to have all the answers for the customers that call you.

It is not okay when you always seem to have trouble giving your customers the same solution to the problems that get brought up.

You can use some methods to boost your customer representatives and customer support manager’s services to improve your client experience below.

1. Distill the marketing content into monthly digests
Even though your customers may have already received your company blog and newspaper, your company can benefit more from using tailored recommendations in conversations with clients.

You can use ebooks, data sheets, and how-to articles that are offered by your website to be downloaded. Afterwards, you need to highlight all the key points across each of the pieces in your company’s recurring emails. This can be very helpful because it reinforces values and product proposition comprehension. When you put this material in the hands of a client, you also ensure that the remarks of your customer representatives are consistent with what your customers are reading on your websites or blogs.

2. Create a content library on the internet
The best place for a content library for your company is an intranet or an internal wiki where your customer representatives can share resources with each other. A study by the CMO Council shows that 40% of time spent by salespeople are usually on looking for any relevant content than you can write for us and it helps to your marketing. The company’s total sales speak the same tune as the customer service talks to the customers most of the time.

3. Report interactions on social media
Community managers and customer service managers can agree that they both receive lots of customer complaints. The only difference here is that they deal with Facebook comments and Twitter posts rather than live chats or phone conversations.

A study by Sparkcentral shows that only about 8% of customer service and marketing employees work together on social media.

You need to know that people are, nowadays, more willing to open up and be honest with their personal life experiences and feelings from behind a computer rather than talking to in person or even on a call. What this information should teach you is that marketing is indeed sitting on a treasure-trove of feedback that you can get from followers on social media that even the representatives of your customer help desk can’t match. Open a line of communication with your customer service that will help report the latest interactions you have with your followers on your company’s social media accounts.

Do you have a question about how marketing content can help your sales and customer service team? Click here to contact Cuselleration today!

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