Cuselleration | 3 Rules to Follow for Automated Drip Campaigns
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3 Rules to Follow for Automated Drip Campaigns

3 Rules to Follow for Automated Drip Campaigns

By: Richard Padilla (Automation Manager)

Drip Campaign Automation is a great way to consistently connect with your past, present, and future customers. Each clientele audience needs to be catered to by drip campaigns relevant to their needs and what you want to communicate. 

In the beginning, the setup for multiple drives can be daunting; however, once you start using the campaigns to communicate with the hundreds of clients you have, it saves a significant amount of time on the user’s end.

Import and organize your client list in the CRM. When you start working for a mortgage company, they should provide you with CRM software to help track your clients and in-process communication. This CRM is different from your LOS. Once you know what CRM you are using, this is when the importation and organization of your leads come into play. It’s vital to take the time to import and organize your leads in the appropriate group so they receive the relevant information that will come from your drip campaigns. 

Create drip campaigns for your leads. If you need help figuring out where to start with content creation for drip campaigns, this list will help you. 

  1. 5-year Post-Close Drip Campaign. This campaign is for past customers who closed a loan with you. You will consistently communicate with them about their opportunities to refinance their home and remind them that you are available for their friends and family. You are there for them for any future home loan mortgage needs they may have. 
  2. In-Process Communication. This automation drip campaign setup is for your in-process communication when your clients are going through the loan process. These drip campaigns bring clarity and movement throughout the loan process. From beginning to end, your client will be notified when they need to finish a task or that you are moving their loan application through the relevant stages to close. This process helps close the loan and bring in the revenue you are striving for. 
  3. Purchase or Refinance Campaigns. These campaigns are designed for first initial contact to understand what your potential leads and prospects are looking for. They may be buying their first house or trying to refinance their house. Either way, consistently texting or emailing them that you are available to meet to help with their home financing needs will bring you those closest you are looking for. 

Use email and text. We live during a time that technology is advancing and changing consistently. Some people respond to technology differently. So texting, emailing, and calling must be used throughout your drip campaigns. You will find that customers you have been texting and emailing that need to be more responsive will quickly pick up a phone call. Assuming prospects and leads will answer each form of communication in the same manner, will decrease your ability to close loans. As you create these drip campaigns, it is essential to use all three forms of communication. 

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