Cuselleration | 3 Pieces of Downloadable Content That Can Help Drive Business
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3 Pieces of Downloadable Content That Can Help Drive Business

3 Pieces of Downloadable Content That Can Help Drive Business

By: Josh Wallace (Content Manager)

A large part of building a strong marketing strategy means expanding upon the types of content you provide. Your audience may love your newsletters and blogs, but there are other things you should offer them! A refreshed take on the types of content you offer can extend your reach and attract more and possibly even better leads.

Multiple forms of content marketing tools exist to accomplish this, and each has its unique benefits. One of those is downloadable content which can add to the tools you have in your digital marketing tool belt. DLCs are extremely helpful; better yet, most audiences love these savvy pieces of content. So here are three forms of downloadable content that can help up your marketing game!

White papers and Guidebooks

White papers and guidebooks are a fantastic way to gain credibility, build thought leadership, generate leads, and position yourself as an expert within your industry. White papers and guidebooks are usually more extensive and in-depth forms of content than most blogs and newsletters. Allowing you to thoroughly explore certain subject matters and share more detailed information beyond what most people would be able to do in a blog post.

Assemble white papers and guidebooks when you have a profound amount of knowledge or differentiation in a specific industry. With white papers and guidebooks, it’s essential to share quality content that delivers the value promised when taking the time to download said content.

This downloadable content works particularly well toward the middle/bottom of your sales funnel. This is when you have the best opportunity to further educate prospects on a problem, a solution you offer, and why you’re better than your competitor.


Podcasting has become one of the most effective forms of content marketing and brand building. One of its most significant advantages is that it gives you the ability to offer long-form, high-value information without spending a ton of time and effort. In addition, it allows you to share your expertise and experience with your audience directly and helps you build stronger connections with potential customers by meeting them on a more personal level.

Another significant plus of offering podcasts as a form of downloadable content is that they are portable. Audiences can listen to them during work, a commute, or a workout when they may not have the option to read.

Interviewing guests on your podcast gives you the added benefit of using your podcast as a lead generation engine. Invite representatives from businesses you interact with the most and feature them to generate podcast content and build relationships with new leads.

Case studies and success stories

Lastly, case studies and success stories are fantastic examples of conversion-driven downloadable content. They’re an extremely effective way to generate leads toward the bottom of the sales funnel. When potential leads read about customers who have also had positive experiences working with you, it can make purchasing decisions easier based on more evidence.

In other words, they feel more confident that you know what you’re doing, so they can expect similar success.

There are so many more forms of downloadable content you can offer to help drive business and reinforce your content marketing strategy. However these three are some of our favorites and can potentially be of the most value to businesses looking to grow.

We hope you’ve found this information helpful and if you’re looking for more help with your marketing efforts please feel free to reach out!

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