Cuselleration | Why Does Your Website Need Pictures?
Pictures can help improve the content and visual design of your website entirely! Find out why it is important for companies and personal brands to use pictures on all blogs, websites and displays.
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Why Does Your Website Need Pictures?

Why Does Your Website Need Pictures?

Some say a picture is worth a thousand words. This is certainly true when you are creating a website for your business.
Ninety percent of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. Researchers have also found that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain that text. With this being said, it is a known fact that buyers will look online first before making a purchase, and photos will engage many viewers who will purchase online. Photos engage viewers longer and compel them to pay more attention to the content. Content is important but adding photos is more important. The experts at cuSELLeration can help you integrate the right photos into your content.

Here are 3 primary reasons why you should use include pictures on your company’s website:

First, we know that the phrase seeing is believing is true today more than ever before. Most people want to see photos of your product or your work. Photos of high sales volume products and past projects are going to attract the buyers’ attention. The photo is an opportunity to showcase your business. Putting your best photos on your website will provide assurances that you do good work or sell a quality product and that you are proud enough to display these publicly.

Secondly, photos help homeowners make decisions about products and services. Photos have proven to build trust among potential customers. Photos can be reassuring and provide peace of mind. When a homeowner or a buyer sees that you have demonstrated success, they will be much more inclined to deal with you. There is nothing appealing about a wall of text.

Thirdly, photos inspire people to make a home improvement or an update or remodel a home. Photos can inspire people to buy a product or service. You can come across like a pro who is willing to display their business for everyone to see.

While these three reasons are the important reasons for including photos in your website, other reasons may apply to your specific business. The cusSELLeration experts in web building can help you select the best photos and make sure they are put in the correct place to serve you best.

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