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Tips to Create a Solid Brand Strategy

Tips to Create a Solid Brand Strategy

By: Cheyenne Mejia (Account Manager)

Branding is essential to the foundation of any company –big or small– because it both communicates the value to your target audience and is oftentimes the first touchpoint for new audiences. Without an effective brand, both current and future audiences will be left confused about what your company offers and why your company would be an asset to their lives. 

Typically, a company will cement their brand strategy prior to their launch and reevaluate as the years pass, but if you’re a business owner who has taken a look at their current strategy and thinks things may need a revamp, we’re here to help! Keep reading to learn about some of our favorite tips on how to create an effective brand strategy for your company.  

What Does Your Company Bring to the Table 

Before we dive in any deeper, it’s important to establish how your company sets themselves apart from the competition. If you haven’t fully fleshed this out, here are three questions you can ask yourself to help reveal what your company’s value proposition is: 

  1. Why should customers choose my company over similar competitors? 
  2. What does our company provide that helps us stand out?
  3. What philosophy/values will our company always abide by?

Develop a Business Plan 

Your company might have a sales plan and a social media plan, but do you have a business plan? A well-developed business plan will ensure that your entire company is moving in the same direction, toward the same goals, via a predetermined roadmap. Here are some elements that you should consider when putting together your business plan: 

  • What is your business’s mission statement?
  • How does your company solve the paint points of its target audience? And at what price point?
  • Which marketing channels are optimal to reach your target audience?

Build a Brand Strategy that Stands Out from the Competition 

Okay, now let’s get into the good stuff: the brand strategy. Think of the brand strategy like the heart of the company. Here you’ll describe your business and its personality, values, voice, and beyond – all elements necessary in delivering a consistent brand experience and a valuable first impression on your customer. 

  1. Find your driving force. Determine the reason behind why you do what you do, then align that with your business values. This is where you’ll lean into your mission statement, purpose and values to create a cohesive foundation for your brand.
  2. Define your messaging. Your brand voice and personality is essential to delivering the impact you want amongst your target audience. If your target audience is Gen Z, but you’re speaking in a tone mostly well-received by Generation X, it’s going to fall flat. Between your tagline and the tone you use in marketing, the pillars of your communication will create the most impact – whether good or bad – amongst your target audience.
  3. Design your visual identity. In a world where attention spans are slim and social media aesthetics are highly regarded, it’s important to not forget about your visual identity, or how you present your company to the rest of the world. Ensure it’s intuitive, comprehensive, and most importantly, flexible to grow with your company as it grows. 

If you’re looking for a marketing company to help you define your brand, flesh out your strategy and execute effective marketing tactics, Cusell is here to help.

Visit for more information or to speak with our team about how we can support you. 

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