Cuselleration | Principles of Automation Marketing for Loan Officers
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Principles of Automation Marketing for Loan Officers

Principles of Automation Marketing for Loan Officers

By: Richard Padilla (Automation Manager)

Are you a loan officer interested in discovering how you can grow your business and find new leads? There are quite a few helpful tools through automation marketing that can help you increase your reach and find new customers for your client base.

Home loan officers can create drip campaigns to keep up with leads by utilizing digital mortgage marketing tools such as sponsored posts, email campaigns, and automated emails. Additionally, they should focus on building relationships with their contacts and providing value to them. Mortgage email marketing strategies should be tailored to the individual loan officer’s needs and goals.

As an LO, you can also create successful drip campaigns for mortgage email marketing by leveraging the power of “short” in their emails, making a personal tone their #1 content focus, and always including a call-to-action. Additionally, they should use email drip campaigns to generate more traffic and close more mortgages, create newsletters to bring and nurture leads, and create emails that focus on specific topics such as regular mortgage drip campaigns.

It is important that as an LO, you follow best practices for mortgage email marketing, such as using emails to communicate with prospects about mortgage services, staying in the client’s mind with a marketing newsletter, engaging with their prospect base and connecting and educating borrowers, focusing on value and consistency versus volume for email frequency, and customizing each message to make it feel personal.

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