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A deeper look into why Google AdWords is so beneficial for any company's marketing strategy.
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AdWords: Top Marketing Tool

AdWords: Top Marketing Tool

Google AdWords is constantly talked about in the marketing world, but not everyone fully understands its’ use and function. However, AdWords is important for your business, and has clearly been successful, ranking as Google’s top source of revenue. AdWords is like its’ own online advertising agency that partners with businesses and advertisers to attract users to their respective sites.

AdWords allows companies to attract users to their sites through a brief description, encouraged to increase clicks through cookies and keywords. The short description, opr advertising copy, is only allowed 25 characters for the headline and two lines of text that are 35 characters each. The copy can also include a URL, but it musn’t be longer than 35 characters. Images can be used but only with specific sizes. Companies have to compete with businesses alike to select the right keywords that will drive the most traffic to their site. The business with the most similar keywords to the item searched will appear higher. You can identify Google AdWords partners as the first three or four links that appear when you type something into Google. Those links will have a little flag next to them that says “Ad.”

The success of AdWords is measured in a few different ways. CuSELLeration helps companies measure AdWords through PPC, or pay per clicks. Pay Per Click campaigns work so that a business will pay Google each time their site is clicked on, which is why companies must work so hard to find the right keywords to market their businesses. CuSELLeration has been successful in helping businesses navigate through AdWords and create PPC campaigns. We take the time and work out of AdWords, so that all you have to deal with is the traffic AdWords will drive to your site. Our efficient digital marketers make the best use of relevant long tail keywords both to increase visibility as well as to optimize conversion rates. Not only does this campaign brings you maximum traffic but it also helps you analyze the potential of your existing organic SEO strategies.

AdWords delves into many more programs such as cost-per-acquisition and cost-per-mile. There are countless tiny details that can be tweaked or modified to work AdWords to your best advantage. CuSELLeration is willing to work with you to find the best solution for your business, and the most effective way we can help. Our team has experience is this area and knows what it takes to drive the most traffic possible to your site.

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