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Facebook Ads will drive more leads for your business in 2018 than any other paid channel. Read more here!
Facebook Advertising
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5 Reasons You Should Advertise on Facebook

5 Reasons You Should Advertise on Facebook

Social media is a great way to increase exposure and traffic for your business. It creates loyal customers and generates both leads and sales.

Facebook remains the king of social media. It is the top social-media platform of choice for the majority of marketing gurus.It has never been cheaper to build your brand and create new demand for your products and services.

Facebook Ads will drive more leads for your business in 2018 than any other paid channel. You will need to have the correct strategy and execute advertising with precision, but right now there is a massive Facebook opportunity for businesses.

Technology changes quickly but that does not stop us from missing big shifts. This is because they rarely happen all at once, but every once in awhile you could catch a glimpse of change in motion, particularly with Facebook.

Why Should You Advertise on Facebook?

According to a study from Google, business-to-business buyers have increased the amount of mobile research they do by ninety-one percent year after year throughout the business-to-business purchase path. Facebook has cracked the code with mobile marketing.

This is very important because as consumers have shifted to using mobile devices over desktop, so have business-to-business buyers. Individuals now do more research and work on their phones. A lot of time is spent on the Facebook application.

With Facebook you can now reach these consumers with slick ad units like Lead Ads. These promote your event or white paper and allow users to sign up with only a few clicks.

Facebook Lead Ads take away the need for users to fill out a form by using pre-populated data and without the landing page step, both of which skyrocket conversion rates and actually make the mobile ads effective for business-to-business marketers.

Best Ad Technology Available

Facebook offers some of the most powerful and advanced ad units and targeting. But they present it in a way that makes it user-friendly for businesses. Advertisements are built around your goals. This makes getting started simple for  businesses.


Facebook puts heavy-duty technology to work to help you reach and connect with the most valuable consumers for your business. Many companies begin by targeting visitors of your website, friends of your existing users or people in your customer relationship management lists.

Ad Units

Facebook is also rolling out better business-to-business ads such as Lead Ads and Canvas. Canvas ads can also be great for business-to-business and are a storyteller’s dream. They expand into beautiful pieces of creativity that allow you to deliver great marketing via mobile. If you have a more complex product or one that really shines through video, you should consider Canvas.

Why should you use Facebook for marketing?

Facebook ad solutions can help your company grow. But investing in Facebook sets you up to succeed for the future. When people all over the world go online, they go to social media and spend the majority of their time on a Facebook app.

Would you like to build your brand using Facebook ads? Click here to contact Cuselleration today! For more tips on Facebook or social media marketing, check out our other blogs.

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