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Here are the social media trends brands should expect this year. Read more here!
Social Media Trends
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4 Social Media Trends to Expect in 2018

4 Social Media Trends to Expect in 2018

Before you finalize your social media marketing strategy for the year, it is important to look at what’s ahead to ensure that you are allocating your time and efforts appropriately. Let’s dive into what we think social media managers should expect this year and how to plan for these changes.

1. Live video content will increase

Facebook announced earlier this month that they have made changes to its news feed algorithm that will once again shift the type of content users to be from their friends and family instead of the pages they follow.

Basically, posts that get the greatest amount of discussion among users, especially when they are shared by those in their own personal networks, are expected to rank higher.

Where should you plan to focus your live streaming efforts in 2018? If Facebook is an important part of your overall social media strategy and you are looking for ways to adapt to the latest algorithm changes, live video is a great place to begin.

Brands could also utilize live video for customer service by hosting question and answer sessions as well as product demonstrations. These videos drive engagement because hosts could ask for questions, comments and feedback from the audience.

2. Messaging apps will become a top method for communication

Messaging apps are used by four billion users worldwide and there is a great opportunity for brands to leverage this presence.

Many brands are using messaging apps to speak one-on-one with customers, which is completely changing the way customer service gets handled. These apps bring a faster and easier way for customers to get the help they need, rather than being placed on hold or waiting for an email to be returned. Deploying messaging for customer service is cheaper for businesses. By bringing a better experience for the customer, brands could solve their problems rapidly and keep them more easily.

3. Virtual reality will be incorporated into more marketing experiences

Virtual reality is still new to the marketing scene. This year, the market will most likely get even more popular. Virtual reality encourages engagement by offering an immersive experience unlike any other medium. Business are quickly recognizing its lucrative value. If you are already allocating resources to developing more live video in 2018, you should continue experimenting with different formats.

4. Voice search will change the way people discover brands

Voice-controlled personal assistants are being built into most technology devices such as smart phones, smart speakers and TVs.

And as the development of autonomous vehicle technology continues to grow, it is almost certain that voice activation will be built into self-driving cars as well because most vehicles already come with voice-powered capabilities that let drivers make phone calls without removing their hands from the wheel.

These voice-powered devices that respond and fulfill our verbal commands are learning more about our lives. They are learning to differentiate our preferences and tones in households with different people and are starting to proactively know what information we might ask for.

Do you have a question about the new social media trends for 2018? Click here to contact Cuselleration today!

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