Cuselleration | 3 Reasons Why You NEED a Target Audience
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3 Reasons Why You NEED a Target Audience

3 Reasons Why You NEED a Target Audience

By: Lauren Coats (Account Manager/Employee Engagement)

Business owners should not target their product or service to every single person, despite believing a wider net would bring in more sales. Your target audience is the group of people who will be the most efficient leads for your business since they are most likely to purchase your product or service. Lacking a target audience leads to unbalanced branding, confusing direction of what problem needs to be solved, and an overall messy business plan. 

Understanding your target audience is one of the very first things a business owner needs to do. It is crucial for creating marketing strategies, improving product development, and increasing sales. 

Despite feeling like you are cutting out people who don’t fit into each criteria box, you are actually not excluding anyone. This is because a target audience simply helps hone your focus when decisions need to be made and direction needs to be given. Establishing a target audience gives you a road map and guidance for 3 crucial business pillars.

Productive Marketing Strategy

Developing a target audience provides you with what platforms, branding, message tone, timing (and so much more) would be best for your most efficient leads. This increases sales as well as maximizes your marketing time by not wasting it on aspects that your customers don’t engage with. 

Effective Product Development

As a business owner, you are wanting to solve a problem for your customers; to sell a product or service that meets a need of theirs. By understanding your audience, you understand what they want and need. You also understand additional information on the reason for the need, the history of the need, and how your product or service will help. All of this information is used to improve product development to continually meet the needs of the customer. 

Efficient Business Strategy

Identifying a target audience improves overall business strategy by modifying the direction to fit your most efficient leads. This way, you are advancing your business towards the customers who will provide you growth instead of wasting time and money on attempting to become something for everyone. This could include the decisions made on who to hire, structure of operations, and departments that need to be developed in order to meet the needs of the target audience. 

Target audiences bring you closer to your most efficient leads. It supports a productive marketing strategy that engages with your audience. Brand loyalty comes when there is effective product development that continuously meets the needs of the customer. All of this helps guide a business owner to an efficient business strategy and increases sales. 

If you are interested in marketing to your target audience, reach out to us today!

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