Cuselleration | Twitter for Businesses in 5 Steps
It only takes five steps for companies to create a successful Twitter profile, and grow their social media marketing.
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Twitter for Businesses in 5 Steps

Twitter for Businesses in 5 Steps

Most business owners are aware that social media can be an incredibly useful marketing tool, however, many of them are not using it to their full potential. Twitter can be a very powerful resource for branding and attracting new customers. ¬†Listed below are five steps all businesses should follow if you’re first joining Twitter, or you’ve been there for some time.

1. Creating the Profile

When creating your Twitter profile add as much info as possible- fill out every description option there is! Also, be sure to get pictures for your Twitter profile as soon as possible. Make sure that the profile picture and cover photo for your Twitter profile align with the website and/or other social media profiles. Brand recognition is important on social media, because there are so many businesses alike out there.¬†For businesses, it’s best to choose a company logo for the “profile picture,” so the profile appears more professional. Check that the picture you post is of good quality, and no pixels are visible when the photo is stretched out. On Twitter there are also options to change the “color” of the profile to match your company colors. Making the profile as elaborate as possible can only help your business.

2. Gaining Followers

Many businesses run into trouble when trying to figure out how to gain more followers on their Twitter profile. Social media etiquette tells us your “ratio” of followers to following, is very important. The whole reason social media is useful, is because it is essentially free marketing, so you want to be sure that the majority of people following your profile are people interested in your product or service. The best way to find these people is by searching or navigating through your competition’s profiles or something similar. By finding businesses that are similar to yours on Twitter, you also access a whole number of people who you already know are interested in what you’re selling. Once you start building an established following with a core group of people, the rest will come. Once these people become your followers, they also become potential customers.

3. Creating Content

Creating good, interesting content for your Twitter is very important. Our blog posts reitterate this tip over and over again because good content translates to good marketing. Gaining your followers is the easy part, keeping them is only possible if you are posting relevant content frequently. This content can include related blog articles to your field of work, helpful tips for users of your product or service, or simply relevant tweets about a particular topic. The convenient thing about Twitter is that not every post has to include a picture or a link. Your Twitter profile can be a mix of blogs, pictures, links, current events or simply random thoughts. The businesses with the best Twitter profiles are able to post about any topic or event and somehow relate it back to their product or service.

4. Keeping Up With Trends

Different topics are trending each day! It’s hard to keep up with them all, but thankfully Twitter helps a little bit with their “trending” section. Keeping up with trends means that companies should not be scheduling out too many posts, because those posts are then not relevant to what is a popular topic that day. Companies should be looking at the “trending section” each day to see what the topics are, and how the business can relate to it. Anytime a company posts a tweet about a “trending topic” or a post that includes a trending hashtag, that post has more potential to be seen by more people and in turn can gain more followers.

5. Use an Interesting Voice

Twitter is a forum for companies to create their own voice. The most popular company Twitter profiles do not simply post links to articles or write posts solely pertaining to their business- the successful company profiles establish a humorous or insightful voice to then guide any and all posts moving forward. A great example of this is the Taco Bell Twitter. Although it’s a fast-food company, their tweets are humorous and no matter what the topic is, the posts always somehow relate things back to the food.

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