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We have compiled five ideas to get people talking about your business. Read more here!
Brand Awareness
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5 Ways to Grow Brand Awareness

5 Ways to Grow Brand Awareness

Aside from traditional advertising, what can you do to help put your brand name on the map? We have compiled five ideas to get people talking about your business.

1. Use social media

Websites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram offer business a great social media platform to promote themselves for free and build their brand as well as their audience.

Finding the time to maintain your profiles and blog could be a challenge but if you are going to do it you need to be active at all times. This means posting and interacting with followers several times a day. Expertise in a particular area could make for a large social media following. If you stay relevant and on topic, you will grow a valuable and engaged audience.

2. Host an event

Holding a live event is a fantastic way to get the attention of clients and prospects. This can purely be a social summer barbecue, holiday party or structured around business development such as a launch of a new product or seasonal promotion. You can even run a workshop to share your professional expertise on an interesting topic. If you want valuable face time with potential customers and the opportunity for them to experience the look and feel of your brand in person, you should consider hosting a live event.

3. Sponsor an event or product

Sponsorship is another great way to reach a target audience and increase the awareness of your brand. Sponsoring an event can entitle your company to exclusive face-to-face time with attendees of the event as well as overt branding opportunities.

4. Work with another business

There is always power in numbers. If you can identify other businesses targeting the same type of customer as you, but not directly competing with you, there is an opportunity to join forces for mutual benefit.

For instance, if you are a florist you can offer an exclusive discount for customers of the local bridal shop. It is a great way for you to attract new customers. For the established business, it is a way to reward their customers at no expense and with virtually no effort.

5. Invest in promotional products

Small corporate gifts are a nice way to thank customers for their business and reinforce your brand at the same time. Purchasing pens with your company’s logo for pennies and it will literally put your company name and contact details at your customers’ fingertips for months to come.

But don’t buy cheap products to give to your customers. There is no point giving a really cheap pen that is going to run out of ink really quickly. Not only will your company’s brand exposure be short-lived, but giving low quality items reflects badly on your business.

The more creative you could be with your gifts, the better the outcome. Something unusual or personalized will make the recipient happy and might lead to them posting about the gift on social media, earning your brand extra glory.

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