Cuselleration | 5 Reasons Realtors Should Use Drones
In this digital age, realtors have so much technology at their feet to expand their business. Drones are a major part of modern-day marketing and can be incredibly useful for realtors to show homes in new ways.
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5 Reasons Realtors Should Use Drones

5 Reasons Realtors Should Use Drones

2016 has been the year of the drone. Not only did people continue to use them for fun, but many companies began using drones to increase their business and customer interest. One field of work where drones are becoming most prominent and useful is real estate. Here are the five reasons why any realtor needs to hop on the drone band wagon.

1. New Ways to Show the House

Drones can offer realtors many new and exciting angles to show off the house you are trying to sell. These videos act as great marketing tools to use on your website, social media or emails. The angles drones are able to capture range far and wide from an aerial view high in the sky, to a “walking up” perspective shot two feet off the ground. Video marketing is an incredibly useful tool, but only if the video is of quality and interest. A drone captures the kind of video shots that no one will exit out of.

2. Gives Potential Buyers Perspective

One downfall of videos shot with a normal camera, is that potential home buyers are not able to see the landscape as a whole, the neighborhood, or surrounding areas. A drone offers realtors the ability to not only show off the home, but also the beautiful land around it. Some realtors might even map out from an aerial view how close the home is to a school, or how close the walk is to downtown. Drones are also incredibly useful if the land on the market is large. From an aerial perspective, potential buyers can easily see how large the land is and what kind of condition it is in.

3. Can Be Used for Images

Drones are not just used for videos. Drones can also capture incredibly high-quality images from an aerial perspective. If you are using the video for email and social media marketing, you can also use the aerial images for print marketing. Using these kind of images in a print ad or realtor magazine will set you apart among the multiple other ads being posted.

4. High Aerial Shots vs. Medium Aerial Shots

High aerial shots can show buyers what is in the surrounding area from a wide perspective, but a drone can also capture medium aerial shots which are taken just above the house. Medium aerial shots usually only show the house and land of the property on the market. This kind of angle can show buyers can exactly the layout of the land and the property lines.

5. Becoming the New Standard

As more and more people gravitate to these elevated videos used by realtors for marketing, drones are becoming more popular among the real estate community. If you are not using drone videography as a realtor, you are kind of “out of the loop.” Although it may not be an incredibly unique thing to do anymore, using drone videography is still very useful and is not something to be ignored. If a potential buyer only has time to view one home between two he/she has looked at online, he/she is more likely to visit the one they know more about (aka the one that showed them property layout, surrounding neighborhoods ect). Drone videography looks very professional, and there is no need to stress about whether or not the video will look shaky as opposed to other cameras.


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