Cuselleration | Social Influencer
Build influence and network to book sales calls through our Linkedin Messaging/Networking Campaign or capture new leads with ad campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn or TikTik.
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Lief Boyd, Chief Production Officer for Retail Sales of a Mortgage Company wants to grow his influence in the mortgage industry on social media. His goal is to grow his sales team with key performers who will also help grow the company’s overall production. While growing his following he also wants to establish himself as a subject matter expert, demonstrate leadership, and promote the culture of his company online.


  • client lacks the time and know-how for promotion and strategy
  • client has trepidation about self-promotion
  • client lacks resources to produce videos to use to grow his following
  • client lacks digital footprint necessary to reach the audience he wants to target
  • lack of awareness or build trust with company


  • Showcase professional knowledge in video content
  • Promote Video content
  • Build social capital with current and expanding network 
  • Three E’s: Educational Emotional Entertaining
  • Highlight qualities of leadership
  • Offer open pathway for others to connect with im
  • Educate others on why they would want to join his company/brand


  • Grew sales team from 80 loan officers to 250
  • Tripled LinkedIn following – from 2k to 6k followers
  • Increased unique visits from target loan officer recruits to his LinkedIn page, from 50 to 1,000 monthly.
  • Increased current employees engagement with company culture.