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 Increase your website traffic and conversions with an engaging website that guides users to contact that business.
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“Paid search campaign that generated a 350% increase in sales of fender skirts and gas caps.”

RVShop is an RV reseller in Orange County, CA. They want to increase their sales, but aren’t sure how to best deploy marketing funds.

We identified that running campaigns for niche products with low to medium competition and high search volume create opportunities for page visits and first visits. We combined that with a retargeting campaign to bring these visitors back to the site. We combined that with email marketing to drive more repeat business around promotions and increase repeat business.


  • Increasing sales with limited marketing arms
  • Getting noticed in a competitive market
  • Needs a website revamp, but lacks the time and understanding of how to hire someone and/or manage the project


  • Implemented link-building strategy to increase connections and drive more direct web traffic.
  • Implemented Email Marketing Strategy to connect with past client and website visitors.


  • Increased monthly site visitors from 6,300 to 23,000 monthly.
  • Recaptured abandoned shopping cart purchases.
  • Web keywords accurately drive traffic to client’s website.