Cuselleration | Client communications strategy
Nurture top, middle, and bottom of funnel leads to promote businesses product offerings and convert sales. Clients can expect increases in their sales revenue within 3 months. This can be showcased with email nurturing content, like newsletters, blogs, email drip campaigns, etc.
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Heritage Home Loans wants to roll out company wide CRM. They understand that using a CRM helps keep track of customer data and stay connected with customers, which provides necessary business opportunities for their salespersons. They want to be able to provide CRM implementation service to their sales teams to better support them in their individual and group goals. They want to leverage Marketing Automation at a high-level to enable their salespersons to “stay connected” with clients during the sales and transaction cycles, and into the future.


  • employees lack way to stay in touch with customers in all stages of the buying process.
  • company has no understanding of marketing strategy behind staying in touch with customers to adopt life-long clients.
  • company needs help with developing content.
  • lacks internal personnel to roll-out a company-wide communication system.


  • Consulted on Mortgage CRM options.
  • Selected CRM and managed initial configuration.
  • Integrated LOS for inprocess and post close communication.
  • Create professional communication content following latest research and best practices.
  • Implemented lead nurture and conversion workflows.


  • Employees provided more support with transaction management, and able to focus more on engaging with sales pipelines.
  • Automated connectivity with clients during every stage of buying cycle.
  • Drove more meetings between loan officers and prospective clients.
  • Increased referral business from past clients.
  • Standardized brand communication/quality/guidelines company-wide.