Cuselleration | Ad Targeting
Stand out in your local market with a stronger brand reputation and reach clients outside of your geographic region with strategic ads management and paid search campaigns (Adroll) that drives engagement with your website.
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Saddleback Chapel is a funeral home in Tustin, CA. They came to Cusell in 2015. They were consistently serving 250 cases annually, and wanted to increase their impact in the region and invite clients outside their local area to choose their space for funeral services.


Our Analysis of Saddleback Chapel’s situation determined that people looking for funeral services want to know pricing structure of resources. We A/B tested landing pages and saw a 25%  increase in click to calls on pages that included pricing information.


Once our team increased website engagement, we launched retargeting ads which increased conversions by another 20% resulting in another 165 cases annually through paid media strategies.


  • Increasing sales
  • Growing outside of local market, lack marketing outside of certain radius / location
  • Building brand reputation
  • Lack of digital footprint


  • Local SEO strategy.
  • Google Ad strategy to target clients from outside of the local market.
  • Ad Retargeting strategy to build brand recognition.
  • Online Reputation Strategy to build reputational trust.


  • First ranked funeral home in Tustin Area.
  • Increased cases from 250 to 400+ annually.
  • Top search hit for “Saddleback Chapel” worldwide.
  • Grew online client reviews increased social trust.