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Home Value Lead Generation Campaign

Are you trying to get more real estate leads? Our Home Value Lead Generation Campaign has been successfully generating real estate leads for agents all over Southern California. Read on to learn more about how this campaign can bring your more leads with less time and stress.

What Does The Home Value Lead Generation Campaign Include?

Branded Landing Page

We create a custom landing page with your name, photo, contact information and branding. The landing page includes a home valuation tool that generates automatic home value reports that are instantly sent to leads who fill out their contact information. The tool can be customized based on your target market.

Targeted Facebook Advertising

We run a Facebook Ad campaign with custom ad copy and images created to appeal to your audience. Through detailed targeting we capture homeowners in your geographic target market by offering them an instantaneous valuation of their home for free, with no hassle and no obligation. The ad links prospects to the home value landing page where we capture their contact information.A notification is instantly emailed to you every time a new lead is generated so you are receiving results in real-time and can promptly follow up with your leads.

 Nurturing Email Drip Campaign

After leads are captured on the home value landing page they are automatically added to the customized email drip campaign we have set up. The purpose of this email campaign is to nurture your leads, follow up with them and keep your name top of mind. These emails prompt your leads to take action and also allow them to become more knowledgeable of your expertise so when they are ready to buy or sell, they think of you.

 Facebook Social Engagement

On top of the Facebook campaign we will also create and share 8 posts on your Facebook business page every month to keep your engagement active and to push your content out to your local market. Staying engaged on social media is important to reach more customers and highlight your knowledge and expertise.

What Does It Cost?

$500/month. It’s as simple as that!

Do you want more leads? Call us today to learn more. 714-852-3516