Cuselleration | Healthcare
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Client X runs a local business in Wichita, KS selling a variety of insurance products. X purchased his business from a family member in 2015 and has maintained a steady clientele since. In the last several years X has tried to grow his client base through a variety of activities recommended to him by other salespersons in his company, but he has been unsuccessful with bringing in many new clients. X came to Cuselleration looking for strategic advising for his business growth.


  • No time for relationship marketing
  • Lack of digital footprint
  • Lack of marketing past a certain radius / local


Cuselleration Marketing Specialists employed top strategies to
build relational trust with the target market. Deployed tactics
included building social proof, initiating warm connections with
potential buyers, and building trust with active/potential
buyers through delivering key industry insights.

3 month Growth:
  • 50% increased in Week/Week Discovery Calls
  • 25% growth in Professional Network Connections
6 month Growth:
  • 25% Growth in Monthly closed business
  • 100% increased in Week/Week Discovery Calls
  • 50% growth in Professional Network Connection