Cuselleration | FAQs
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1. How  do  you  pronounce  Cuselleration?

Think Q-sell-er-a-shun. kyo͞oʹseləˈrāSH(ə)n

2. What  does  it  mean?

Our founder Zac CUsac created the name when thinking of our job. We are your SELLing accelERATION. CU – SELL – ERATION

3. Why  can’t  I  see  the  ad  when  I’m  scrolling  through  Facebook? ‘

We use specific targeting, so you may not fit the applicable demographics. For instance, we exclude realtors and loan officers to make sure your ad isn’t showing to competitors. Also, keep in mind that an ad is different than a page post so it doesn’t show up as a post on your business page. You can also send them an update/screenshot on how their ad is performing so they can tell that the ad is running and doing it’s job.

4. Are  follow  ups  still  being  sent  to  X  lead  on  Agent  Legend?  How  can  I  check  to  make  sure  they’re  not  contacted  again?

Once a prospect responds to a campaign on Agent Legend (via text, email or phone call) or unsubscribes, their campaign automatically shuts off and they will no longer be contacted. You can check by clicking on the prospect’s name in Agent Legend and checking the right hand side. It should say “Finished” next to the campaign name or “Unsubscribed.” Please keep in mind that the prospect can still fill out a lead form for a different ad and be put into a different campaign where they will be contacted again. Unfortunately, there’s no way to prevent this from happening.

5. How  many  leads  can  I  expect  per  month?  How  are  my  leads  performing  compared  to  other  clients?

Depends on the ad(s) the client has running. It would be super helpful to have a performance chart showing the average leads per type of ad (with a given budget) that we can reference during kick off calls since some ads perform better than others

6. I  have  an  event  coming  up.  What  can  you  do  to  promote  it?

Social media posts, blog posts, Facebook ads, newsletter blasts, website updates, etc. For event specific social media posts, we encourage you and your team to share everything on your personal accounts.