Cuselleration | Channel Partner Program
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What is it all about?

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, experienced business owner, or working full-time in another career, Cuselleration has a place for those that wish to assist people in acquiring a reliable solution for all of their web design and online marketing needs.
Channel Partner, by definition, is used to describe a company that partners with a manufacturer or service provider to market and sell the providers products, services, and technologies usually through a co-branding relationship. Channel partners may be distributors, vendors, retailers, consultants, and other organizations.
Become a Cuselleration Channel Partner today and have a company with more than a decade of web experience in your arsenal of service offerings.

Why Become a Cuselleration channel partner?

Cuselleration’s Channel Partners receive the attention and support of our Cuselleration Team. As a Channel Partner you may comfortably offer any service Cuselleration currently offers in a co-branded environment and know that any referrals or sales closed, that use our services, will result in a commission payout for the business produced.

How does the commission structure work?

We have a tiered structure for commission payouts as we want to reward those who are actively producing on a regular basis. For any web or graphic design services receive a 10% – 25% commission as well as one-time payouts for SEO, Social Networking, and Hosting packages. One of our current Channel Partners was paid a little over $40,000 in commissions in one year for bringing in warm referrals alone. Commissions are paid out on the 10th of every month for any deposits or final payments for sales generated from the previous month.

Where do I begin?

Cuselleration handles its time and business very seriously. We have opted to have our Channel Partner program include an application process as we want to ensure we are spending our time with Channel Partners that meet the criteria of being like minded professionals with similar values. To apply, please fill out the information below.

Send us mail


Co-Branded Web Site with customizable pages

Ability to market your existing complimenting services

Monthly commission checks for any business produced

In-house Sales Support to assist in closing sales

Monthly Channel Partner Training meetings via online Webinar

Access to Technical Support department

Access to Co-Branded marketing materials

“Zac and his team as cuSELLeration are the absolute best at what they do! They did an awesome job on our website design and have continued to help us grow our business through marketing and social media. I would highly recommend Zac and his team at cuSELLeration to anyone looks for marketing services!”

commision % levels

gross annual sales range


$100 – $39,999


$40,000 – $74,999


$75,000 – $124,999


$125,000 – $199,999


$200,000 +